About Us

JUTEC Biegesysteme GmbH - JuCad

This German company is the inventor and manufacturer of JuCad (pronounced: “U-Cad”) caddies stemming from the owner name “Jungmann Caddy”. The company’s roots are in the development and manufacture of tubular bending systems of the highest order since 1980 for world-wide use in industry and commerce – best quality handmade in Germany. This accumulated expertise is reflected in the concept and manufacture of the exclusive JuCad golf trolleys. Company founder Werner Jungmann, himself a passionate golfer, already set a milestone in 1988, when he applied the tubular bending technology to the design and construction of elegant and small folding golf trolleys with 3-spoke wheels. The refined form of the classic JuCad design is now distilled to its absolute essentials in a minimalistic design, providing maximal ease of use, lightness and compactness at the highest level of workmanship and quality.

The successful family firm has been run for many years by the second generation owners, daughter Kira and her husband Jörg Jung, a graduated engineer. The company offers a wide range of sophisticated trolley models and noble golf bags as well as many practical golf accessories. The first electric trolley in stainless steel retaining the original JuCad design by keeping the electric motors invisible was followed by the superlight models made from titanium. The small battery system was also kept invisible by stowing it in the golf bag, thus ensuring the long service life of this high tech component. JuCad continued to pioneer the way in 2003 with the use of lithium-ion battery technology for electric golf trolleys. Also in the year 2008 the Limburg-based company pursued its innovative path and chose the modern and high-performance composite carbon as a third material for the manufacturing of their noble JuCad trolleys. The unique full carbon frames can be painted in many colors for a dazzling appearance on the fairway. Many innovations of the brand JuCad have shaped the golf caddy industry and to this day the saying applies: often copied but still unmatched!

Today a staff of more than 80 are pooling their special skills and experience with their fullcommitment to the objective of the company to produce innovative high-tech products for golfers. The exclusive and versatile JuCad golf trolleys guarantee utmost driving comfort and enable every demanding golfer to find the trolley that meets their personal needs.

Tradition and innovation

We are setting ourselves high standards in the art and methods of our specialized manufacturing. With German craftsmanship and latest technologies JuCad golf trolleys are produced in our 3 manufacturing sites in Limburg/Germany. For 35 years our ultimate goal has been best quality and a flexible and fast customer service.

Perfection in every detail

JUTEC – always one bend ahead! Our slogan for 35 years. We are passionate about the construction of tube bending systems for the metal industry, plant construction and the automotive and aircraft industry and many other fields of application. Building on the background of this experience we began in 1988 to use our range of machine tools for the constructions of complicated tubular pieces for sophisticated golf trolleys. This led to our trademark JuCad – one of the leaders in the world of golf trolleys with superior technology and innovation – always ahead of the curve! Design and function to inspire the enthusiasm of every golfer.

Bat-Caddy/JuCad America

Bat-Caddy serves as the North American distributor for JuCad golf caddies under the trade name JuCad America. Bat-Caddy is a US company and undisputed North American market leader for electric golf caddies. Founded in 2004, incorporated and headquartered in Jacksonville, FL with Logistics and Service center facilities located in Bethlehem, PA, Jacksonville, FL and near San Francisco, CA. In the US, our remarkable growth story has been supported by an ever growing network of reputable golf retailers and on course Pro Shops, carrying the Bat-Caddy cart product line. Bat-Caddy motorized golf carts have also been expanding rapidly throughout the world. In October 2010 we consolidated our dealer presence in Canada under a new entity named Bat-Caddy Canada with headquarters in Toronto, Ontario servicing the entire Canadian market with a network of dealers and service shops. Besides North America and Europe the Bat-Caddy golf carts have been sought after and shipped to many faraway places, such as Japan, Singapore, China/Hong Kong, India, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, Puerto Rico, Russia, Brunei, Arab Emirates and many more.

We believe in the power of strong business relationships with our customers, dealers & distributors, suppliers, business partners, industry associations, and communities. We build and maintain these relationships with the highest integrity, business ethics, engagement and presence in the market. We always strive to create value for our customers, partners and affiliates!

Our Executive Management has more than 100 years of experience with US, Canadian and European Fortune 500 companies whose success have been based on excellence in innovation, engineering, quality and customer service. This experience and dedication is now actively at work for Bat-Caddy.

We pride ourselves of having one of the best customer service records in the industry! Our dedicated service staff in our three Logistics Centers in Bethlehem, PA, Jacksonville, FL and Novato, CA has the longest term experience with all major electric trolley brands in the industry and is able to answer any technical question or provide support to our customers, if they ever do experience a rare technical problem. Sometimes we even get service calls about competing brands and products which we are usually willing and able to provide effective support for. We also have a policy of getting back to the customer within hours and ship and deliver critical spare parts within a couple of days, or overnight if required! We offer a service level, transparency and customer dedication that is unrivaled in this industry. Also, please only trust our authorized dealers and don't get fooled by cheap imitators with similar looking products. We recommend that any prospective customer should research these aspects prior to purchasing an electric golf caddy!