Large JuCad Push Travelcover

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The maneuverable and extremely hard-wearing JuCad travel covers ensure that your golf equipment is travelling securely! Your JuCad trolley fits together with your golf bag inside the JuCad travelcover. Suitable for all JuCad manual and electric trolleys with a folding measure of up to 65x35x15 cm / 25.5x23.5x5.9 inch.

With extra strong padding and reinforced back. 2 separate internal zipper pockets for JuCad wheels and frame parts. Freestanding, with 6 wide-spaced and smooth-running castors for convenient upright pushing of the travel cover. Incl. safety belt, slide-in address tag and numerical lock. Measures: 137x37x32 cm / 54x14.5x12.5 inch, 4.5 kg/ 9.9 lb, black.